Rubber floors give the athlete optimum grip even when moving quickly – indoors and outdoors. In addition to high elasticity (with high resistance), rubber flooring offers other advantages for many sport activities that cannot be achieved with floors made of wood or stone. A high level of walking and running comfort is coupled with the prevention of symptoms of fatigue, an insulating effect and a high level of sound insulation. Depending on the strength of the rubber floor, you can also train with high weights without damaging the sub-surface.
The best floor for you depends mainly on your surface and the main application (cardio equipment, power lifting, sledge pull, …). The product descriptions and data sheets give you the best possible pointers to find the right product. Telephone advice from one of our technical advisors is even easier for you. You would like to touch, feel, smell the products: you can easily receive product samples within a few days by parcel service.

Gummimatten für Sport und Fitness


Indoor elastic rubber tile ALIN

101 x 101 cm
the allrounder for functional training

Gewichthebermatte ELEFANT

Weightlifting tile ELEFANT

for weights up to 150 kg

Gummimatte mit Puzzleverbindern

XXL Solid Rubbermat

with puzzle connectors,
120x90cm x 17mm

Gewichthebermatte Taff aus Gummi

Weightlifting tile TAFF

for weights up to 60 kg


Rubber ramp RAMPI

Anti stumble profiles

Weightlifting tile REX

the weightlifting mat for proffessionals, for weights up to 200 kg


shock mat / accoustic mat DEZIBEL

the underfloor noise canceler

Design rubber mat HEAT

high quality rubber floor puzzlemat
area appears seamless

Sport Puzzlematte

SOFTFLEX sport puzzeltile

100 x 100 cm x 20 mm

Gummimmasssivmatte mit Puzzle

“L” Solid Rubbermat

with puzzle connectors, 150x90cm x 10mm

Smart Gummimatte

SMART solid rubber tile 10mm

with puzzle conectors

Gummi Massivmatte Gold

GOLD solid rubber tile 18mm

1×1 m, high-tech rubber sports floor

“Strong” 3x2m solid rubber

textile reinforced

Rubber roll T950, made of rubber granules

simple, strong & best price guarantee

Gummi Bahnenware

Rubber roll T980

made of rubber granules
8,0 x 1,25 m x 8 mm

Granulat Puzzlematte

Lock – puzzlemats

60 x 60 cm x 10 mm


Rubber Hole Mats OCTO and DINO

for universal use
(e.g. entrance areas)

Gummi Verbundpflaster

T-Bone rubber pavers

made of rubber granules and / or rubber fibres