Design rubber mat HEAT, high quality rubber floor puzzlemat, area appears seamless

Articlenr.: 9DR101

  • Dimensions: 102 x 102 cm x 10 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Floor requirements: bound, even ground, without gaps
  • Colour: darkgrey with white and black speckles
  • Fire class: C(fl)-S1

Farben Gummiboden
orders above 100 m²

The rubber design sports mat HEAT is a high quality new rubber allrounder. It comes fireretardent and is made for almost all fitness applications including entrance areas. Very durable and hard wearing it is also siutable for heavy euipment and perfect for cardio (sweat intense) euipment use since it does not soak. Tested by Fresenius it is free of heavy metals and phtalath free – thus also perfect for floor exercises.
Installation is easy: Just place the puzzle conectors over the gaps and push the connectors into each other. In a next step use a white rubber hammer to push them in even more and you will see how the joints are getting invisible. Cutting is easy by using a hendheld utility knife. Allow a gap of 10-15 mm on all sides of your area where the mats meet a wall or similar. This gap can be visibly closed using lathes.

Designmatte Heat Designmatte Heat

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