Stable mats and paddock mats made of rubber or plastic offer decisive advantages for the horse: The floor is extremely stable, noises are strongly reduced and there is a decoupling between cold and sometimes wet surfaces and the animal. As a result, the slip resistance can be increased in the entire stable area, the noise level can be greatly reduced and the lying comfort for the animals can be improved.

The best floor for you depends on your surface, the focus of application (stable / box, paddock, stable lane, horse walker, wash rack, …) and the weight (load) of the animals. The product descriptions and data sheets give you the best possible pointers to find the right product. Telephone advice from one of our technical advisors is even easier for you. You would like to touch, feel, smell the products: You can easily receive product samples within a few days by parcel service.

Stallmatten für Pferde
Boxen Stallmatte

Rubber Stable Mat HTMF

1 x 1 m, water permeable

Paddock-Stable Mat HTWA

1 x 1 m, water permeable

Gummimatte XXL

XXL Solid Rubber Mat

with puzzle connectors, 120x90cm x 17mm

Smart Gummimatte

SMART Solid Rubber Mat 10mm

1×1 m, the 10 mm thick price champion

Gummimatte Strong

“Strong” 3x2m solid rubber

the big mat, textile reinforced

Gummi Bhanenware

Rubber roll T950

simple, strong & best price guarantee

Paddockgitter Perfect

Paddock Grid PERFEKT

made of recycled plastic


Rubber ramp RAMPI

Anti stumble profiles, 20, 30 or 40mm

Gummi Verbundpflaster

Rubber pavers

made of rubber granules and fibres

Gummimmasssivmatte mit Puzzle

“L” Solid Rubber Mat

with puzzle connectors, 150x90cm x 10mm


“M” Solid Rubber Mat

with puzzle connectors, 1x1m x 15 mm

Gummi Massivmatte Gold

GOLD Solid Rubber Mat 18mm

1×1 m, high content of natural rubber

Bahnenware Strong

Rubber on the roll STRONG 8mm

textile reinforced, various length and width

Gummi Bahnenware S

Rubber Roll “S”

made of rubber granules, 10m x 1,5m x 10mm

Rubber-Cement VUM

create your own rubber floor DIY

Wall mat SOFT30, 1x1m

glued to the wall

Gummi Meterware

Stable rest tile – RELAX

20 mm thick (7 m² / pcs.)

Gummi Bahnenware

Rubber roll T980

8,0 x 1,25 m x 8 mm


Grass paver, suitable for cars

made of recycled plastic

Klebstoff für Gummi

PU Glues for granule products

side to side or full glue down products

Boxen Stallmatte

Rubber Stable Mat HTQL

1 x 1 m, water permeable

Rubber floor for animals & riders …

Horses, cows, dogs, cats and even elephants, lamas, penguins and zebras rest on our resilient floor coverings … they all benefit from the special properties of rubber. ERR-TEAM rubber mats / rubber floor coverings are elastic, non-slip, insulating and noise-reducing.

The greatest use for these coverings is in stables for horses. In the sleeping and living areas of the animals, you can use box mats or stable mats to achieve a high level of comfort compared to a simple wooden or concrete floor: the elastic stable floor gives way, insulates and protects against slipping. When the litter is pushed aside, the horses no longer lie directly on the bare sub-floor, but on a warming, elastic layer of rubber.