Playground and garden

Rubber is the ideal building material on playgrounds and in gardens / terraces. Rubber has all the properties that make playing, walking and romping safer. The building material rubber is versatile and can be used from inexpensive and robust to unusual and colorful.
In addition to injury-resistant safety tiles, we also offer a specialized range of suitable construction elements (rubber granulate palisades, sandpit surrounds, …) and ground fastening systems.

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Fallschutzmatten für den Spielplatz

Fallschutzplatte 42mm

Safety Tile GRTR, 1 x 1 m

45, 60 or 80 mm, fallheight up to 2,40m

made of SBR rubber

Fallschutzmatte 50x50

Safety Tile Standard TR, 50 x 50 cm

45, 60 or 80 mm, fallheight up to 2,60m

made of SBR rubber

Fallschutzmatte mit Kunstgras

Safety Tile System SYS

Combination safety tile / shockpad

fallheight up to 3,0 m

Safety Tile STE, 50 x 50 cm

45, 60 or 80 mm, fallheight up to 2,70m

made of EPDM rubber topping

Safety Tile STE GR, 1 x 1 m

45, 60 or 80 mm, fallheight up to 2,40m

made of EPDM rubber topping

Vollgummi Randkeil

Beveled edges

made of rubber granules

Gummi Kantenstein

Rubber-curb, 1 m

the elastic edging

Klebstoff für Gummi

PU-Glue 1174

for total glue down of products made of rubber granules

PU Kleber für Gummigranulat

PU-Glue OC500

for side-to-side gluing of rubber granule produtcs

Sandpit block

block made of rubber granules
1 m x 30 cm x 15 cm

Gummi Abdeckung Winkel

Edge covering

safely covers cement-edges

Gummi Halbzylinder

SNAKE – Rubber-half-cylinder

90 cm long, balancing equipment

Paddockgitter Perfect


made of recycled plastic


Rubber Hole Mats

for universal use

Kunstrasen aus Gummi

Artificial grass ‘TOUCH’ by the meter

5 / 10 / 15 or 20 m x 200 cm


Grass paver suitable for cars

made of recycled plastic

Rubber protective layers 6 or 8 mm

rubber rolls low density

Rubber as a building material on children’s playgrounds, terraces and public places

The best-known use is as safety tiles, which have prevented numerous serious head injuries on playgrounds for years. According to an EN guideline (1177), testing institutes determine a max. fall-height, which are officially certified. These tests check the possible risk of a head crashon the safety tiles – probably the most serious type of possible injury on playgrounds. Slip resistance and water permeability are not determined at all in this test – but, in addition to the reduced risk of injury, are another major plus of these coverings. The high water permeability enables the safety tiles surfaces to be quickly used just a few minutes even after heavy rain.

If the floor is padded, the protection doesn’t have to stop there! Curbs (B8), sandpit edging or flower bed edging (rubber palisades) can also be made from the flexible material rubber. Falling onto these elements further reduces the risk of injury. In addition, rubber components (safety elements) are low-maintenance and available in many attractive colours.