“L” Solid Rubber Mat, with puzzle connectors, 150x90cm x 10mm

Artikelnr.: 9GM01-1

  • Dimension: 150 x 90 cm
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Installation: loose, screwing possible

The entry-level model among solid rubber mats. Unbeatable in terms of price. The rubber mat L (made from a high proportion of natural rubber) is characterized by good durability – with good slip resistance. Anyone looking for higher insulation and more elasticity will find what they are looking for with the XXL solid rubber mat. The installation is very easy thanks to the puzzle system and can be carried out quickly without any special knowledge.

Puzzlematte aus Gummi Puzzlematte aus Gummi

Edge profile L, for Solid Rubber Mat L, bevelled

  • Type 1: Profile 93 x 6,0 cm x 10/1 mm
    Artikelnr.: 9GMKL93
  • Type 2: Profile 62 x 6,0 cm x 10/1 mm
    Artikelnr.: 9GMKL62
  • Type 3: Corner 20 x 25 cm x 10/1 mm
    Artikelnr.: 9GMEL

Anti-stumble protection profiles matching the solid rubber tile L. The bevelled profiles can be used on only one side or all the way around. Depending on mats used, the long and short pieces must be combined. If the installation is only required on one side of the area, the choice of the profile length is irrelevant.

The L edge profiles are 6.0 cm wide. The puzzle connectors are 2.5 cm wide. The area is thus widened by approx. 3.5 cm.

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