XXL Solid Rubbermat, with puzzle connectors

Articlenr.: 9GM12090XXLP

  • Dimensions: 120 x 90 cm x 17mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Subground requirements: bound subground (cement, asphalt, stone tiles, …)

Places of use: ice skating areas, weight lifting areas, cardio equipment, functional training, general fitness areas
Benefits: non soaking material, excellent grip, minimized injury risk, noise reduction, protects the floor, extremely long lasting

Installation: Mats are laid loose or screwd to the ground. Use whole mats first, measure up to walls and cut mats using a fret saw or hand held utility knife. The mats can not be glued to the ground.

Bevelled edge profile XXL, for solid rubbermat XXL Articlenr.: 9GMXXL_Rand

  • Type 1: 93 x 8,5 cm x 17/1 mm
    Articlenr.: 9GMKLXXL93
  • Type 2 2: 62 x 8,5 cm x 17/1 mm
    Articlenr.: 9GMKKXXL62
  • Type 3: corner piece 20 x 25 cm x 17/1 mm
    Articlenr.: 9GMEXXL

Those bevelled edges / anti stumple profiles match our solid rubber tile XXL. Attach the profiles on one or more sides of your areas, as needed. For just one side it is not important if you order 92 or 63 cm long ramps, they will all fit. If an ‘island’-solution is needed (e.g. surrounding for 4×4 tiles) just give us your area detail and we will do the math for you.
The area will widen by 6 cm when using the ramps.

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