“Strong” solid rubber on the roll, various formats

Articlenr.: 8ROM18HS_x

  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Material: vulcanized rubber
  • Surface: hammer blow design
  • Special: textile reinforced


  • Art.-Nr.: 8ROM18HS_2, 8,0 x 1,5 m, 130 kg / Rol.
  • Art.-Nr.: 8ROM18HS_3, 25,0 x 2,0 m, 550 kg / Rol.
  • Art.-Nr.: 8ROM18HS_3A, (your desired length) x 2,0 m, 11 kg / m²

Due to the textile reinforcement this sportsmat is extremely durable and unsusceptible to temperature changes. Choose one of our precut formats or choose your individual legth at a set width of 200 cm. Where needed, the STRONG sportsfloor can also be screwed to the ground.

When asking for a quote, kindly type the desired format into the free text field.

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