PU Glues for rubber granule products

Type 1 (Articlenr.: 94PU1001174)
PU-Glue 1174, for total glue down of products made of rubber granules

  • Unit: 1,1 kg bottles
  • Amounts needed: App. 400 gr. for full glue down of 1 m²
  • Colour: milky
  • Min. temperature of use: 10 degrees celsius
  • Viscosity: freely flowing in warmer conditions – thicker in cold conditions

Characteristics: Moisture curing Polyurethane Glue (1 component) for gluing of rubber granule tiles and safety-elements on bound sub grounds (cement, asphalt, …).
Suitable for gluing of porous Rubber-Tiles and safety elements. Do not spill glue on product – remove immediately using a soft cloth. Dried glue turns yellow and is very hard to remove.
Pay attention to our installation guidelines.

Klebstoff für Gummi Klebstoff für Gummi

Type 2 (Articlenr.: 94PUOC500)
PU-Kleber OC500, for side-to-side gluing of rubber granule produtcs

  • Unit: 0,31 kg tube (glue gun needed)
  • Colour: grey
  • Min. temperature of use: 5 degrees celsius
  • Viscosity: comparable to silicone

Characteristics: moisture curing polyurethane glue (1 component). Due to the high viscosity it is suitable for side application since it will stay where applied.

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