“L” Solid Rubbermat, with puzzle connectors

Articlenr.: 9GM01-1

  • Dimensions: 150 x 90 cm
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Weight: 21 kg

The solid rubbermat L is a basic tile, low in price still good in quality, suitable for many fitness applications. You will cover 1,35 m² with one tile which makes the installation of larger areas very quick.

Puzzlematte aus Gummi Puzzlematte aus Gummi

Bevelled edge profile L, for solid rubbermat L
Articlenr.: 9GML_Rand

  • Type 1: 93 x 6,0 cm x 10/1 mm
    Articlenr.: 9GMKL93
  • Type 2: Leiste 62 x 6,0 cm x 10/1 mm
    Articlenr.: 9GMKL62
  • Type 3: corner piece 20 x 25 cm x 10/1 mm
    Articlenr.: 9GMEL

Those bevelled edges / anti stumple profiles match our solid rubber tile L. Attach the profiles on one or more sides of your areas, as needed. For just one side it is not important if you order 92 or 63 cm long ramps, they will all fit. If an ‘island’-solution is needed (e.g. surrounding for 4×4 tiles) just give us your area detail and we will do the math for you.
The area will widen by 3,5 cm cm when using the 6 cm rubber ramps with puzzle connectors.

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