Rubber-Cement VUM, pourous rubber floor DIY

Type 1 (Artikelnr.: 8VUM2)
Rubber cement VUM2 – fine SBR granules, multicoulor

Type 2(Artikelnr.: 8VUM70)
Rubber cement VUM70 – coarse SBR granules, multicoulor

Type 3 (Artikelnr.: 8VUM70E) green, blue or red
Rubber cement VUM70E – coarse EPDM granules, virgin material, one colour

Every set of rubber cement weighs 30,5 kg (25 kg rubber granules, 5 kg binder, 0,5 kg primer) and is suitable for an area of 3 m² in 10 mm / 1,5 m² in 20 mm thickness

The jointless, open-pored VUM floor covering is freshly mixed with binding agents on site by you or a contracted fitter and then applied in the desired layer thickness. It is suitable for surfaces that should be kept very slip-proof.
The type VUM2-fine can be cleaned better due to a higher closed surface. VUM70 is made of coarser granules and therfore the best solution for outside, steep, anti-slip areas. If you desire an atractive colour of your rubber cement you can choose a virign EPDM rubber material as granules (choose out of green, blue or red). One field of application is in dog agility to mark contact zones.

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