XXL Solid Rubber Mat, with puzzle connectors, 120x90cm x 17mm

Artikelnr.: 9GM12090XXLP

  • Dimension: 120 x 90 cm x 17mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Required ground: bound, even surface

The water-impermeable XXL rubber stable mat, made of solid rubber (including a high content of natural rubber) is characterized by a high degree of durability – with good insulation combined with high slip resistance. The installation of the stable mat is very easy thanks to the puzzle system and can be carried out quickly and efficiently by any handy man or women.

Solid rubber stable mats do not soak water and are not permeable to water. They may be installed in stables with bound grounds and no slope – where permeable stable mats would not be applicable. Roughly calculated 50% less bedding will be needed as insulation is taken care of by the stable mat. The other app. 50% will allways be needed to soak up liquids that ca not drain away.


Artikelnr.: 9GMXXL_Rand

  • Type 1: Profile 93 x 8,5 cm x 17/1 mm
  • Artikelnr.: 9GMKLXXL93
  • Type 2: Profile 62 x 8,5 cm x 17/1 mm
  • Artikelnr.: 9GMKKXXL62
  • Type 3: Edge 20x 25 cm x 17/1 mm
  • Artikelnr.: 9GMEXXL93

Matching edge profile strips as trip protection for the solid rubber mat XXL. The strips can be used on only one side or all the way around. Depending on the result, the long and short pieces must be combined. If the strips are needed on only one side of your area the choice of the strip length is irrelevant.
The XXL edge profiles are 8.5 cm wide. The puzzle connectors are 2.5 cm wide. The area is widened by approx. 6 cm.

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