Rubber roll T950, made of rubber granules, simple, strong & best price guarantee

(Artikelnr.: 9T950xx)

  • Dimensions 10 m x 1,25 m x 10 mm
  • Weight 120 kg
  • Floor requirements: bound and even grounds

T950 is a medium density universal rubber mat on the roll. It is used as an universal floor for many areas of application in and around horse stables. With 10 mm thickness it is well suited for aisles and walkways indoors. It will be installed loose with lathes or installed by full glue down (by professional floor installers). T950 is made of fine rubber granules bound with PU-Binder – resulting in a highly compressed but still porous floor.

The universal rubber roll T950 is also available in the follwing thicknesses:

  • 8mm: 1,25 x 8,0 m: 80 kg / roll (10 m²): Artikelnr.: 9T950_8MM
  • 6mm: 10,0 m x 1,25m: 72 kg / roll (12,5 m²): 9T950_6MM
  • 4mm: 10,0 m x 1,25m: 48 kg / roll (12,5 m²): 9T950_4MM

When asking for a quote, kindly type the desired thickness into the free text field.

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