Stable mats

With ERR-TEAM-stable mats you and your horse benefit in many ways: The floor is warmer and more comfortable - how warm and how comfortable depends on the special stable mat you choose. In general a thicker mat will give more comfort and will also be tougher agianst wear. The most valued benefit for the horse owner is the reduced cost for bedding material. The best stable tile for you? Browse through our products and compare - contact us with any question you might have and we will find the best solution taking a close look at benefits and budget.

Stable tiles offer the following advantages compared to concrete floors:


- Gerat anti-slip beahaviour

- insulating

- lowers the noise level

- economic (amortization after app. 2 years)


Basically you can choose out of 2 different system: Water permeable or Non-water permeable. The best anti-slip behaviour is shown by ERR-TEAM pourous (thus water permeable) stable mats. To use such tiles you need a slope of 2-3& on the floor, because all liquids must have the chance to freely flow into your drainage system. If the floor does not have aslope your choice should be a non-water-permeable stable tile made out of natural new rubber.
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Stable tiles made of rubber
for horse boxes


Stable Tile HT42MF

water permeable; for horses up to 700 kg


Rubber Stable Tile XXL, 1,2x0,9m x 17mm

solid rubber, profiled underneath


Paddock tile HT42WA

100 x 100 cm x 42 mm, 33 kg


Rubber Stable Tile L, 1,5x0,9m x 10mm

solid rubber, non-permeable, puzzle system


Solid Rubber Tile M, 1x1m x 15mm

solid rubber, 13mm use-surface, 2mm knop-structure


Rubber Relax, 2,2x3,2m

20mm thick, the wellness-mat for horses


Rubber on a Roll Strong, 3x2m x 8mm

solid rubber, Hammer Design, textile reinforced


Horsetile HT60MF, 1x1m x 60mm

water-permeable, for horses over 700 kg

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